And the feedbacks say... For pets: Two dogs *  A
baby hamster * Burmese python * Chow Chow (that's another dog) *  Two
cats * A chia * Rabbit * Spam? * A fish * A fluffy puppy (that makes
four...) * Kyngyo the fish (two for fishes!) * Orangutan (we don't know
about that one, but he likes Elfman, so... * Iguana * '2am yowler; sofa shredder; cat hair factory' (not counted above with the other felines) * And someone has wanted a velociraptor ever since 'Jurassic Park.' We'll drop Spielberg a line.

Some of our readers were wondering about the links mentioned in last issue's article, "interminable link trails." So, gentle readers, here they are for your surfing enjoyment.

Persistance of Memory and other Dali paintings are located at:

The Tour the Moon is located:
**The astronomical information contained in this gallery comes directly from the work of Chesley Bonestell and reflects his theories and the scientific knowledge held at the time of painting. A more realistic/scientific look is at

Flower shops
There are actually a number of these out there, but we only picked a few of the ones that will actually let you order right from your Web browser:
Jenny's Flower Shop
A White Dove Flower Shop
Grant's Florist & Greenhouse has a free reminder service.
Flower's on Lexington
Bonsay Boy of New York
Lane & Lenge The order form is kind of hidden in the arrangements descriptions, but it is there.
Absolutely Fresh Flowers

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