The back issues

one * december * '94 Our premier issue met with great success. Well, we think 16,000 hits the day after skew was released is a pretty good measure of acceptance. skew was selected as Cool Site of the Day the day after publication, and the staff, weary but proud, rested. Inside, you'll find an up-close-and-personal view of the art of fencing, some good places to eat if you're in the Lehigh Valley, our view of Kiss of the Spider Woman and George Lucas's Cool Filing System.

two * january * '95 The sequel brought to light the admissions of an Internet Neophyte, a couple of Jungle Books, and Thai food -- thankfully, not all in one story. After issue two was released, skew found its way to GNN's "Celebrity Hotlist." While you're there, don't miss the great pizza. Our reader's comments were favorable, too.

"[skew] was good. Much better than I could do myself. It makes me feel futile and impotent, and I will probably kill myself in despair and anguish. That's how good it is."

three * february * '95 Issue three of skew saw the introduction of a new writer (well, new to skew); a new section, Java Spots and Coffee Stains (under On The Menu), whose author promised to find the best cup of coffee around; and reviews of some great blues albums. Before Sunrise and Miss Saigon were reviewed, each in its respective section, and some good Japanese food was served.

four * march * '95 An issue with a theme, skew four takes a look at the people and culture known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. This subject, along with our regular columns and reviews, some of the strangest musical instruments on earth, and the debut of "Yesterday's News," make this the largest issue yet.

five * april * '95 The stuff of life, T.V., I.Q., Don Juan and Goofy, invade skew, and the staff takes a good hard look at them all. We also feature some billiards and the Ramones up-close-and-personal-like (or at least the pit at the Ramones concert). Of course there's Rants, Raves, and more as per usual. No matter what you like: it's never dull, or your money back.

six * may * '95 Of monsters, layered plays, and cadavers, six is the half-year mark for skew. There's also a definitive coffee theme to the issue. Included: some Van Halen, French Kisses and top-notch Italian eats.

seven * june * '95 A window into the world of competitive rifle shooting and a belly-flopping Congo welcome skew into summer. We also have a guest appearance by the "Hot Dog King," thoughts on bowling, and some discussion of the way technology rules our lives. Check out the reviews of Chris Isaak's Forever Blue album and Landscape and Memory, a book by Simon Schama.

eight * july * '95 Did you know that there are alligators living in the sewers of New York? Well, there are no alligators here. OK, maybe two alligators. But there is plenty of chocolate, Los Straitjackets, and a less-than-successful cinematic enterprise. Of course the usual selection of reviews, comments and insight are scattered about. We're serious about the alligators. Really!

nine * august * '95 An eclectic voyage, stopping (among other places) at the dentist's office, the football field, and a rowdy cinematic classroom. We "debate" the debut of the local Boston Chicken, and we review the latest from Hootie and the Blowfish and novelist Richard Powers. So sit back, have a colada with colored sprinkles, and enjoy.

ten * september * '95 Our first issue of autumn began with a trip through an amusement park Dark Ride, bump-in-the-dark romantic-opportunity spook rides, which are gradually fading from the funpark scene. Also in this issue: Cheap thrills in the office supply store ... a trip to Hell, courtesy of Vampire queen Anne Rice ... a protest from the chorus line in Yesterday's News ... and a fond farewell to America's most oddly-named band.

eleven * october * '95 In the spirit of the season, our October issue looked at the traditions of Halloween, from ghost stories and haunted houses to tips for avoiding trick-or-treaters. You also can read about a memoir of manic-depression ... the gripes of a local theatre's lighting designer ... and some questionable diet suggestions. Don't worry about the spider on the banner. He probably won't bite.

twelve * october * '95 'Twas the season for shop-a-holics, and skew gave pointers for surviving the onslaught. Other warnings include the Ace Ventura sequel, bad diners, and elevtronic tickets. On a better note there's some bits about good books, coffee shops, and dancing.

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