Bounced Back

Hmmm... Right when we figured enough people fill out the feedback form every month that maybe we can get some useful information, we get five, yes, just *five*, feedback forms through the whole month. If I was six, I'd say "it's not faaaair." But I'm not, so... here's what they had to say -- almost all of them, and not in any particular order:

Favorite section::
xmas shopping hints
Random Thoughts/Yesterday's News
ummm, not sure yet

Favorite writer:
None so far
Scott Snyder
tina stanley, so far

#1 thing that bugs you about skew:
I don't remember
Graphics take too long to download
Deadlines? What's a deadline? It'd be nice if there was a set release date.
Ed. note: Oooooooh, and we really blew this last one, too. Sorry!
nothing, yet!

Random thoughts:
keep up the good work
Happy anniversary, and keep up the good work!
i hope you maintain this survey long enough for me to give you a more intelligent response!

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