Bounced Back
Coke is it!
Yes, yes, "Coke is it" is a trademark of the Coca Cola Company, but it is also the result to last month's questions on our feedback forms!

We wanted to know if you preferred Coke or Pepsi, if you cared, or if you could even tell the difference, and, well, here's the results:

Coke: 29
Don't care: 16
Pepsi: 12
Let me see the can!: 2

We also found that most of you like your jobs (we do too!), though we were a little disappointed at the lack of imagination... Come on guys and gals! This was your chance to tell us what your ideal job would be, no limitations! Oh, well...

We did like these though:

Asking people what their ideal job would be
Gill Gates' jailor
sleeping for money
living on top of a mountain, creating web pages, making new york $$$
Don't know -- having too much fun to worry about it. Maybe I've got it!
independently wealthy coffee house bum

Well, we too are trying to figure out how to make all of this work while sitting on the Appalachian trail... The way we figure it, all we need are solar-powered PowerBooks and cellular modems. The problem is... balancing a 21" monitor on top of a rock might get a little tricky, and we're not fond of instant coffee either. We're working on it. When we figure it out, we're not telling.

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