About us

This is the only place in the whole server where the Oasis staff tells it like it is, so here it goes: We like Netscape Communication's Netscape Navigator better. Yes, there are others, but Mozilla stomps them.

How we make skew happen:

Editor & Creative Director: Anabella Wewer Her faster Mac needs more RAM, but she has the only Mozilla T-Shirt in the office.
Managing Editor: Scott Snyder He's even resorted to putting the schedule up on the fridge.
Production Manager: Craig Constantine
Staff Writers: Jesse Garon, Tina Stanley, Brandon Kwiatek, John Hall (He's baaaaack!), Eric Schmoyer, Drew Feinberg.

Designed using Apple Macintosh and Silicon Graphics Indy computers, a UMAX Vista scanner, a Fujitsu 3.5" MO Drive, a Wacom ArtZ tablet, a Syquest drive or two, a Braun coffee maker, and flying disks.

Digital Equipment Corporation's AXP 3000-300LX running NSCA's httpd 1.4.

Fractal Design Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, HSC's KPT Vector Effects, BBedit, GNU Emacs, Perl, PowerTalk, Claris Em@iler, Fetch, Netscape Navigator 1.1N and 2.0b1 (we're not sure why though), and HoverBar.

Fajita's, Margarita's, Pizza, Awesome Blossoms, chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt and bananas.

Sound Effects:
Paul Simon, Boingo, The Police, The Smiths, Gin Blossoms, and Depeche Mode.

Abuse (the game), Possessed mice, office chair basketball, Town Square, paint blobs, and MTBF of various cool hardware things.

Legal stuff:
All contents and the look and feel of skew are copyrighted by Oasis Telecommunications, Inc., 1995. skew is a registered trademark of Oasis Telecommunications Inc. All artwork is protected both by Oasis Telecommunications Inc. and the artists who created it (they want more fonts and RAM).

If you haven't already, please give us some feedback!
Contributions & Letters to the Editor:
Unsolicited contributions to skew are welcome, but the Editor doesn't guarantee they'll be published. All contributions should be mailed to skew@ot.com, and become property of skew. The Editor will determine on a case by case basis whether the contribution is relevant to the purpose of skew (yes, there is one), and whether it fits its style. Letters to the editor are also welcome and subject to editing for brevity, content and clarity.

All advertising inquiries should be mailed to skewads@ot.com, or call (610) 439-8560.

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