A good record store ...
...should have lots of everything, be comfy and, well, I'll just let everyone speak for themselves...

Staff Picks: Toones, 19th and Hamilton, Allentown. Cheap,
good selection; the guy behind the counter calls everybody
E R I C :
Have everything organized alphabetically (for real), some good dancy toons in the background, a good selection of band's T-Shirts and singles, singles, singles...

S C O T T :
I like record stores where it's easy to find specific stuff, but where you also can successfully browse. A good selection is always helpful, as are prices less than the ridiculous ones they charge at the mall. I had a friend in high school who always insisted on going to all three record stores in the mall. I never will understand why.

A N A B E L L A :
Space!!!! Lots of everything, from classical, to foreign, to children's, to... everything! (So I can be in any mood I want!) A staff that doesn't bug you but knows who Juan Luis Guerra is and can actually find it while you're still there. Character, and of course, organization.

C R A I G :
Selection. Space in the isles so you can browse without hitting the next person. Real prices (none of this 19.99 on sale for 17.99 b.s.). Music playing that changes once in a while... (ie, play some cds guys...)

J O H N :
Forget about such normal considerations as price and selection. How late the store stays open... THAT is what really makes a record store good. No telling just when you'll get a hankering for new music, and, in my experience, that urge to purge your music collection of the old and stale really is at its strongest in the wee hours of the morn (between 2am and 5am).

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