A year of menus

We here at skew find ourselves in the awkward position of having insufficient money to go to nice restaurants and insufficient time to actually cook anything. This situation is reflected in our Year in Menus.

What was your favorite restaurant this year?

"Not The Trivet. The No Name in Boston, and.... hmmmm, Gregory's around the Lehigh Valley."

"The Lone Star Steakhouse. After five minutes of watching the terminally bored waitstaff performing the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" I had no appetite left at all, resulting in the cheapest dinner bill I've ever had."

"Guess I'm still stuck on Dixie Kitchen."

"There's a place in Media, Pa., outside Philadelphia, called The Porch, or something. I had my best meal of the year there: a portobello mushroom, grilled and served over romaine lettuce with walnuts and one of those mold-cheeses, the name of which I can't remember. I almost called the waitress over and ordered another one when I had finished."

"Taco Bell!! Ok, so I'm biased." (Just for the record, this writer is believed to be serious about this. We're not entirely sure that Taco Bell counts as a "restaurant," but we'll give the poor guac-addled guy a break.)

What's your favorite newly-discovered (by you) food of 1995?

"Corn souffle."

"Did you know that those bio-degradible strarch-based packaging "peanuts" disolve quickly in water? Mmmmmmmm..."

"Oh, blue corn chips, certainly. Versatile little buggers."

The best and worst fast food chain promotions of the year? (An odd question to have achieved consensus.)

The best would have to be Burger King's anything Disney, from a marketing point of view. I'm sick of the Wendy's dude, though.

Best?##@!! how could there be such a thing? Burger King tends to get all the cool Disney toys...

I'm pretty tired of the whole Wendy's Dave's spicy chicken and related oddness. I tend to tune out things I don't like (and even some I do), so...

"The Burger King Toy Story toys and puppets aren't exactly toy-store quality, but they're not bad. And commercially, they're a serious coup: I know of and have observed a lot of people (including me) going to Burger King and buying food, strictly in order to get the toys. Some of these people didn't even eat the food.

"At the other end of the spectrum, Long John Silver made their first foray into movie tie-ins, with the absolute crashing flop The Little Rascals. You have to feel sorry for them, but someone should've known better. They may as well have bought the novelization rights to Showgirls."
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